Strategic Plan

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Preparing for the Next Generation of Performing Artists, Creative Voices, and Cultural Leaders

October, 2019

Through its Strategic Plan 2020-30, The Juilliard School rededicates itself to the mission of providing the highest caliber of artistic education for gifted artists in music, dance, and drama from around the world, so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artists, creative voices, and cultural leaders. With our storied history, renowned faculty, distinguished alumni, rigorous curriculum, dedicated staff, unparalleled performance opportunities, and Lincoln Center location as our foundation, we embody the highest level of excellence while also pushing past traditional bounds into new areas: expanded geographic and technological worlds as well as ever more inclusive and creative spaces. This strategic plan is guided by those aspirations.


Strategic Planning Process

Throughout the 2018-19 school year, guided by the Chief Operating Officer (COO), ten working groups of trustees and subject matter experts on staff and faculty met repeatedly to probe the School’s strengths and challenges as it enters the next decade. The working groups produced a series of white papers about the strengths, challenges, and opportunities within the divisions and functional areas. Through surveys and at regular and special convenings of the Artistic Planning Committee, Faculty Council, Administrative Council, all-faculty, all-staff, student leaders, and alumni, the President, Provost & Dean, and COO apprised members of the community about the ongoing strategic planning discussions and included them in substantive consultations.

Through this process, seven pillars have emerged: four strategic priorities and three core values:   

Four Strategic Priorities 

In the coming 10 years, to prepare the artists of the future, our priorities are to: 

  1. Significantly increase funding for scholarships and financial aid, preserving and expanding upon our ability to recruit the most talented young artists, regardless of financial need; 

  2. Reinvigorate, renew, and retain faculty, and refresh curriculum, enabling world-class artist-educators to prepare our students and alumni for a lifetime of artistic expression at the highest levels of human achievement; 

  3. Revitalize our physical campus—our home—into a creative hub like no other, a place of purpose and joy, with educational and performance venues that inspire, incubate, and radiate our students’ and graduates’ artistry out into the world; and  

  4. Propel forward our educational and information technology, including in classrooms, practice rooms, performance spaces, faculty and administrative offices, and residence halls, all in support of emerging curricular and professional needs. 

Three Core Values 

Interwoven with each of these priorities are three values of utmost importance: 

  1. Excellence, as it is essential that Juilliard maintain its number-one position worldwide in conservatory education; 

  2. Creative Enterprise, instilling a culture of self-generating creativity, imagination, innovation, and collaboration that readies students and alumni to thrive in a new and fast-changing artistic landscape and helps them achieve their full potential as citizen artists; and 

  3. EDIB, a practice of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.